A Short Blog

Time check, 23:40.

It’s better if you check out my very first ever blog. To be honest, I find myself having a hard time making a single post of blog. I’ve already visited tons of “What to post on a blog” sites but that’s not enough. You have to take time, put a lot of effort and heart unto it and most of all you must love what you are doing.

I don’t mind if I only have one or I have one million readers. I’m learning to love what I’m doing, I’m still a neophyte, and the best of me is yet to come.

This marks as my first day of publishing a blog and there’s a lot to come.

Feel free to give advice in the comments, but if you don’t have something nice to say, stay silent.

Have a nice day! Goodnight.

“Howdy folks?”- My First-ever Blog

Typical first post of a blogger

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“Oh, thanks God, must have heard when I prayed
‘Cause now I always want to feel this way.
Amazing Day.”

Hello Blogging World?”

Here you go. First of all, THANK YOU for visiting my blog. Actually, aside from I don’t have experience on making any blog, I’m lacking in writing skills or sort of vocabulary usage. Maybe after publishing this and re-read it, I’ll get cringe. But I will definitely love to make my own blog right now and I want to learn a lot of things. Sooooooooo, let’s get started!

Who the hell am I?”

Right now, I feel uncomfortable in giving too much information ’bout myself so don’t expect a lot more from it. I’m taking a bachelor’s degree in Engineering (woah! what?) it’s on my final year now and it’ll be harsh. I do music, movies, coffee hanger and fitness. That’s all I have to share with you right now. Maybe as my series of blogs goes on and on, you’ll have to know little by little of information about myself.

“What do you expect from my blog?”

The usual one. My best to worst moments, my life in University, about my family, friends, love life, opinions about anything. Sounds chaotic right? As I said, I’m literally a newbie when it comes to writing, but the fun thing is I will have to learn a lot from here. So I don’t mind if I receive a lot of negative feedback from you. Don’t worry 🙂

“How well am I right now?”

This past days is tough for me. Actually I broke up with my girlfriend last few days. Reason why? “I’m not happy anymore and her friends don’t like me ever since”. We’ve lasted for six months which sounds too fast. Yep! It doesn’t last long. But it’s the best thing to do, and I never regret it. Of course I’ve loved her but I can feel that she loves me more than I did. I can conclude that Love is directly proportional to Hurt”, she hurts more than I did. Right now is her friends keep on hitting me, sending me curse messages, like that which should serve as my consequence. But it’s fine, I can endure it than being with her the rest of my life. I’m a grown up kid, I know what am I doing.

“What comes on my mind why did I do this?”

I have lots of true friends and I have a strong relationship with my mother, but I feel more comfortable if I share my stories, thoughts, etc. with a complete stranger (except if you know who I am). I wanna feel motivated to pursue my blog and make it my passion. Or maybe we could share some random thoughts. (That sounds great!) And lastly they said you’ll make money with this (LOL! Kidding but serious matter)

Family life”

I was born and raised very well with a simple family, I’m only child and I think it has a lot of advantage than having one (maybe). I enjoy my childhood with my cousins of first and second-degree which I treated as my siblings. My father passed away several years ago due to kidney failure, I just finished my elementary school. So I started to move out with my mother, first it was hard and there are times that me and my mom don’t get well. I think, maybe being a widow at a young age is hard to deal especially she married at a young age. Right now she has a decent job, I am living with my uncle right now, and I always visit her at work or at her place.


Hmmm, I guess this is enough for now and I know you’re uncomfortable right now reading my first-ever cringe-y blog. Hahahahaha *cries with embarrassment*.. Don’t worry it won’t took so long for another one. Have a nice day! I recommend you to listen to the song of Coldplay’s “Amazing Day”. The title says it all! Keep in touch, God bless.